Lorde's "Green Light" is a pleasant contrast from the rest of her discography. However, hitmaker Max Martin appeared to have a different kind of opinion on the track when he initially heard the pop cut.

In a lengthy feature with the The New York Times, Lorde explained that the most important thoughts regarding her new material boiled down to collaborator Jack Antonoff. Still, she sought an audience in Martin, who she met a few years ago at his Los Angeles studio and have stayed in touch ever since. "He had a very specific opinion, which had to do with the melodic math — shortening a part," the 20-year-old recalled, adding that the hitmaker described the song as "incorrect songwriting."

Nonetheless, the Coachella-bound performer said that his remarks weren't "an insult, just a statement of fact" that she ultimately agreed with. "It's a strange piece of music," she said of the Melodrama single. On top of a left-field key change, she told the outlet that there's something particular about the instrumentation that makes the track stand out from the pack. "The drums don’t show up on the chorus until halfway through, which creates this other, bizarre part," she continued.

Ultimately, Lorde and Antonoff decided to keep the song as is and the singer is happy with the track's slow but steady success even if it doesn't match that of "Royals." When talk transitioned into "melodic math," she spoke out on her awareness to boundaries. "I have a strong awareness of the rules — 60 percent of the time I follow them; 40 percent, I don't," she said.

In a previous interview with iHeartRadio, Lorde said that the accompanying LP to "Green Light" is reflective of "one of the craziest years of [her] life." "I think a lot of people had a crazy year last year. It was so turbulent politically. I spent my days being kind of traumatized by Twitter and by the news," she explained. "I just wanted to kind of shut it out, and be with my friends, and dance, and get ridiculous."

Photo: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio