Tonight we got to talk to Ed Sheeran o#MostRequestedLive! Check out some of the highlights and make sure to listen to the full interview below.

On how it felt to take a year off:

"It felt good, because sometimes you forget what you're working for, and you work to enjoy life, you don't work to work. No one's ever been on their deathbed and said, 'Oh, I wish I'd spent more days in the office.' They go, 'I wish I'd traveled,' and 'I wish I'd done this, and spent more time with people I love.' So yeah, it was a good thing to step back actually enjoy five years of hard work."

On his phone background:

"At the moment, I think it's just the blue thing... but it was a picture of my cat."

On how he will name his albums when he runs out of math symbols:

"I've got five albums in this series, and then there's five other albums in the next series, which are different titles that all go together."

On whether he's a good influence:

"I'm not a perfect human being, but I think the best thing you can teach your kid to be is themselves. I make a lot of mistakes, kids should make a lot of mistakes -- not necessarily the same ones that I make -- but I think you should be yourself and not try and be anyone else. That's what I have always tried to do. I'm gonna mess up, and I am gonna do things that people might think I'm a bad influence for, but I think it's worse for me to hide everything and pretend like I'm perfect, because nobody's perfect."