#MostRequestedLive Interview: Charlie Puth Says His Success Made Mom Happy

Charlie Puth sat down for an interview with Maxwell on #MostRequestedLive!

On whether he's working on the follow-up to Voicenotes yet: "Yeah, I already started the new album... I always want to top myself."

On what it's like hearing people that don't speak English sing all the words to his songs: "I remember the first time traveling to China and hearing a stadium full of people singing 'See You Again,' it'a real trip

On how he approaches writing new music: "I just think of hypothetical situations in my mind, sounds that I would love to hear in a song, and topics that I think haven't been discussed yet atop melody and chords... It's all made up but not made up."

On how he feels being a successful pop star: "It feels nice, I mean, how could it not feel nice? It's everything my Mom always wanted for me too."

Listen to Charlie's full interview with Maxwell below.

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