#MostRequestedLive Interview: Hey Violet's Rena Does Her Best Rick Astley

Tonight we got to talk to Hey Violet on #MostRequestedLive! Check out some of the highlights and make sure to listen to the full interview below.

On who they'd die to go on tour with:

"God, theirs so many! Celine Dion, Mariah Carey (laughter)... It would be fun to go on tour with The 1975, twenty one pilots -- I feel like I've mentioned them a hundred times already -- so yeah, there's your six-band tour. We're gonna set up a festival for you. We're gonna set up a mini Hey Violet festival thing."

On  who is the messiest on their tour bus:

"Rena (unanimous  )"

On whether they all listen to the same music or have different tastes:

"We only allow each other to listen to the music that we like (laughter). No, actually, what I like about all of our music tastes is we all like similar stuff, but when there's something different, we'll all listen to it. We're very open to all the music that we all listen to, so that's cool."

And be sure to listen above to hear Rena's awesome Rick Astley impressions!

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