#MostRequestedLive Interview: The Chainsmokers Talk About Being Nominated For A Grammy

Tonight we got to talk to The Chainsmokers on #MostRequestedLive! Check out some of the highlights and make sure to listen to the full interview below.

On how it feels to take a step in a different direction, musically:

"Great! Thank you for saying that. We're just excited to keep putting out music. We feel like, for us, this is a step forward -- it's a little bit different than anything else we've ever done. It's exciting that people are receiving it so well from the beginning." 

On their favorite lyric in "Paris":

"My favorite line in this song is, 'You look so proud standing there with the frown and a cigarette/Posting pictures of yourself on the internet' -- I mean I have my own... I think everyone has that person, you know?"

On their reaction when they found out they had been nominated for a Grammy:

"I feel like most people found out before us, because we were in Boston in a train station in Dunkin' Donuts. But it was like, the most incredible feeling. As an artist, there's no higher validation than being nominated for a Grammy. Win or lose, there's a committee of people that are in the highest regard of music, it's very surreal."

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