#MostRequestedLive Interview: Big Sean's Advice For Dealing With The Haters & More

Tonight we got to talk to Big Sean o#MostRequestedLive! Check out some of the highlights and listen to the full interview with Romeo below to hear all about "Bounce Back" & more!

On his favorite artists to see perform live:

"Definitely Bruno Mars is a great live performer, definitely Kanye, Coldplay is definitely super good live, Beyonce for sure -- amazing live performer, and the list goes on and on."

On the most used app on his phone:

"I mean do e-mails count as an app, no right? Probably Instagram. I like Instagram the most because I like the pictures aspect of it. You follow who you follow... I like Twitter too, but I'm probably on Instagram a little more... like a creep!"

On his idea of a perfect date night:

"Well I'm a movie head. I probably could have been a movie critic, like a movie buff, if I didn't do music. That's how much I'm into the movies. I always keep a good movie on, even when I'm in the studio working. So definitely going to the movies -- you ain't even have to go out to eat, but you gotta have some type of food poppin' -- whether you make the food, or favorite restaurant, or whatever you have a taste. And just doing something on the fly, too, spur of the moment, like pulling over somewhere and doing something, or going to the beach at midnight, or whatever the case may be."

On who in the business has given him the best advice:

"Man, I've gotten so much advice in my life, it's kind of hard to keep track sometimes  of where and who I got it from. JAY Z is one of the people who sat down and always definitely gives me advice. Obviously Kanye does -- I'm signed to Kanye, so those two give me good advice, but Jay definitely. Jay is that guy that will sit down with you and talk about anything on the business side, or ideas, or things that he's already gone through."

On how he handles the haters:

"Man, you don't. You don't give them any attention. You don't give them any thought. You don't give them any of energy of your life force, man, because you gotta put that into what's at hand. That's your mission. That's what you've got goin' on. A hater gon' be a hater for whatever reason, sometimes it's not even personal."

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