#MostRequestedLive Interview: Harry Styles Talks 'Sign Of The Times' & More!

Tonight we got to talk to Harry Styles on #MostRequestedLive! Check out some of the highlights and listen to the full interview with Carson below to hear all about "Sign Of The Times" & more!

On how he feels now that 'Sign Of The Times' is out in the world:

"Really amazing... I think working on something so long and liking something so much, eventually you get to a point where you want to share it and put it out. I'm happy that it's out there now."

On his upcoming appearance on SNL:

"I'm very excited to be performing the first time, I'm excited to be back in New York, and excited to be back on the show. It's always a nice night in general, being with everyone... very excited to be back at the studio."

On whether he's going to go on tour:

"I don't know yet."

On what 'Sign Of The Times' is all about:

"Yeah, I think 'Sign Of The Times' is my... I don't think I'd ever say exactly what it's all about. I think for each person to take away what they get from something like that is more important, but I think 'Sign Of The Times' is probably the most literal song on the album."

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