#MostRequestedLive Interview: Charlie Puth Loves 'I Can't Feel My Face'

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ATTENTION! Tonight we got to talk to Charlie Puth o#MostRequestedLive! Check out the highlights and listen to the full interview with Romeo below.

On his advice for a young, aspiring songwriter who wants to get their songs on the radio:

"My advice would be to not care so much about what other people think about your music. Don't write music - you want it to be played on the radio - but don't listen to other music on the radio and think that it has to be that way. I know it's awkward, because I'm literally on the radio right now speaking about it, but radio is so innovative and they want new music to broadcast to their listeners, and if you come up with that new, innovative sound... and if it's genuine to you, they will broadcast it."

On a song he wishes he'd written:

"Yes. To this day, 'I Can't Feel My Face' by The Weeknd is, in my opinion, one of the best sounding records, sonically, lyrically, everything-ly... Max Martin, man!"

On working with Pharrell:

"I was starstruck for about ten minutes, but Pharrell works at like 6 o'clock in the morning, because he has triplets and he spends the afternoon with them, so I was so tired, that I just became un-starstruck and we just vibed with eachother, and made such great music."

On the fastest he's ever written a song:

"The fastest I've ever written a song was 'See You Again,' - I wrote it in ten minutes... actualy just happened to be the biggest song."

On the type of judge he would be on a reality competition show:

"I would be a very realistic judge. I wouldn't be mean -- actually, a lot of people don't know, Simon Cowell is not a mean guy, it's just a role that he plays, he's just very honest -- I would be honest."

Listen to Charlie Puth's interview with Romeo below!

Watch Charlie Puth's video for "Attention" below.

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