#MostRequestedLive Interview: Niall Horan Says His Debut Solo Album Will Drop This Year!

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Tonight we got to talk to Niall Horan o#MostRequestedLive! Check out the highlights and listen to the full interview with Carson below.

On the inspiration for "Slow Hands":

"I was listening to - I always do - listening to a lot of late '70s, early '80s music, and Don Henley in particular was the inspiration behind this, from The Eagles. When he went solo, his stuff was abit more funky than his Eagles' stuff. A lot of that stuff lends its hand to some heavy bass, some funky guitars and stuff like that. I thought, 'I'm inspired by this, I wanna give it a go,' and I came up with the song 'Slow Hands.' I'm happy with it - I'm happy I did it now."

On his upcoming debut solo album:

"I'll have an album towards the end of the year. I'm excited for it, I feel like the album's in a good place. I've worked tremendously hard on it - I probably wrote 70 songs!"

On which animal he would be:

"I've got some raccoons flying around my backyard... they're kinda fun. I think I'd like to be a raccoon."

On his dance moves (or lack thereof):

"I definitely can't twerk... I don't have the hips for that sort of thing, and I don't have an ass... I'm a crap dancer. I will always give it 1000%, but I'm just really bad."

On whether he misses the other guys in 1D:

"Of course I miss the boys - we had such a good time! I still speak to them all the time."

Check out Niall Horan's video for "Slow Hands" below!

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