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#MostRequestedLive Interview: Selena Gomez Still Loves Hot Cheetos

Tonight we got to talk to Selena Gomez o#MostRequestedLive! Check out the highlights and listen to the full interview with Romeo below.

On hearing her music on the radio:

"I'm always in a car... that's where it all begins. When you're in a car, and if you can listen to a song with the windows rolled down, that always to me, is an indication of a really good song.  To me, I get so excited when I hear it... I get so geeked out with those moments, I think I always will."

On her most-used app:

"8mm, and that's actually a video app. I love making little home videos with my friends, and videos of my little sister, and editing them, putting music to them, the whole cheesy thing."

On food she always has to have nearby:

"I will always be obsessed with Hot Cheetos, I think that's just in my blood at this point. Food is important... I always have things form cheese to pickles and Hot Cheetos and maybe an avocado, something healthy."

On her favorite summer throwback song:

"It's 'Yeah!' by Usher. That song gets everybody going no matter what. To this day, if that song comes on, I am living my life."

Listen to Selena Gomez's latest single "Bad Liar" below!