Who Is Skyy Goldwynne? Like and Subscribe Finally Goes Live

Back in June I wrote an article theorizing that Dillon Francis was behind an influencer only wall that popped up in Los Angeles. Not to brag, but my conspiracy theories were pretty damn spot on. I should've known it was a TV show and not an album, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

We later ended up finding out that the online tv series, Like and Subscribe, was set for release on the Funny or Die website starting July 9th. The show did not end up premiering until yesterday, November 12th. 


All that matters now is that the show is UP and it is literally everything I could have hoped for. Every Saturday night in studio for Most Requested Live, we talk about Dillon Francis and his character on What Would Diplo Do? that had a season long run on Viceland. 

Like and Subscribe is no way affiliated with WWDD but plays off that unique humor that Francis is known for. 

The show follows Skyy Goldwynne, a popular celebrity manager, played by Dillon Francis, who also executive produces Like and Subscribe. After learning that he is extremely disliked in Hollywood, he pulls up a Zack Jake video to show to his assistant Molly. The video features Zack Jake and his influencer home, a spoof on Jake and Logan Paul and their Team 10 house. 

He informs Molly to call up the people from the scathing article written about him to bring them into a home and film it. Banking off the fame of the fake Team 10 home in the series. 

If you are not aware of the Paul brothers and their Team 10 home, they are a bunch of YouTube content creators who live in a mansion with a bunch of pretty people and make videos. The videos in question can range from vlogs to pranks and anything in between.


The whole series plays on and makes fun of influencer and YouTuber culture. 

Like and Subscribe is available to stream now on YouTube or Funny or Die's website.

Do you plan on checking out the show?

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