#MostRequestedLive: Adam Levine Calls 'Wait' Maroon 5's 'First Slow Jam'

Adam Levine called to talk to Maxwell on #MostRequestedLive about Maroon 5's latest hit, "Wait," what he loves about his long relationship with his bandmates and lots more. Listen to the full interview below!

On Maroon 5's new song, "Wait":

"It sunds great on the radio, it's probably my favorite song on the record, or one of. It's a good listen... It feels like a proper slow jam. We haven't really released one of those."

On how he does it all:

"What am I supposed to be doing other than everything? I feel like it's a strange, good time, and I ain't gonna not take these opportunities and live this life - especially now, man, I gotta make this money for the baby."

On his relationship with the band:

"The band has always been the though line thats taken me through everything... even amidst all the chaos, I can still get together with my boys and we sit down and talk and play music together... Most bands don't know how to live with each other. We don't know how to live without each other."

Listen to Adam's full conversation with Maxwell below.

Check out the whimsical video for Maroon 5's latest, "Wait," below.

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