#MostRequestedLive: 5 Seconds of Summer On Their 'Genre-Bending' Sound

5 Seconds of Summer talked to Maxwell on Most Requested Live. 

On the reaction to their comeback single "Want You Back":

"It feels fantastic, man. It's taken a minute to get where we are but we're so happy with it, so it was totally worth taking a whole year to make an album."

On taking their time with the new album:

"We got some years under our belt, we feel good about this next chapter man. We took a second to get the music right. We're loving what we do... we're still loving it" 

On their evolving sound:

"When we went into it there was a part of us that knew that we had to not stay stagnant in our sound... it was time for us to find a new avenue to take, and I think that it was just so organic in how the sound evolved, and all of us went in so much more open minded about the music."

On why they needed to take a break:

"We kinda needed time for us to grow as individuals. that was the main thing over the last two years... we needed some space - just for the longevity of the band. I think this record for us is more about what we can do in the future snd less about what it means right now. There's a lot of genre-bending, and a lot of doors have been opened from this record..."

Listen to Maxwell's full interview with 5 Seconds of Summer below!

Check out 5 Seconds of Summer's video for "Want You Back" below.

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