#MostRequestedLive: Halsey On Adding Big Sean & Stefflon Don To 'Alone'

Halsey called in to talk to Maxwell on Most Requested Live. Check out the interview below!

On adding Big Sean and Stefflon Don to "Alone":

"Me experimenting with the world of features has been a journey... I don't do this a lot, but the thing that's cool is that both of them add to the narrative in such a special way... all those different perspectives make the song so cool... when I got it back I was jumping up and down."

On the perfect fortune cookie:

"Everything will be okay."

On how she and G-Eazy found out "Him & I" had gone #1:

"I think we were in an argument about something - I think we were bickering about something stupid -  and the news came in that we had the #1 record... I was like, 'Babe, 'Him & I' is #1.' We were kind of just like, whatever we were arguing about is obviously not worth it... We have incredible lives that we get to share with each other."

Listen to Maxwell's full interview with Halsey below!


Check out the video for Halsey's latest single, "Alone," featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don.

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