#MostRequestedLive Interview: ZAYN Calls Upcoming Album 'More Mature'

ZAYN called in to talk to Maxwell for a rare interview on Most Requested Live about his upcoming album, tour and lots more. Check out the interview below!

On how he feels about his solo career thus far:

"I just think it's amazing that I'm able to do what it is that I love to do, and that is that is sing and write about my experiences and keep it with me in an invincible manner forever... that's a very special thing."

On whether he'd like to do more acting in the future:

"Yeah, definitely - that's something that's obviously very exciting about the whole video side of things for me. I do get to show and demonstrate some of my acting ability. I did do a bit of acting when I was younger - it's always been something that I've been very interested in doing. It's always very exciting for me to get on that set and show the directors that I do have an understanding of what's going on with that kind of thing, and just get some experience from it."

On what to expect from his upcoming second solo album:

"I think it's just a development of the last record. There's more mature sounds on there, there's more honest lyrics in there. Just getting to grips what it is to be me as a solo artist and experimenting with different sounds and different genres of music - trying to bring different ones together that maybe not have always worked together in the past - and just trying to experiment and see what happens, that's kind of the whole vibe of the album. Not too serious or anything, It's just me."

On whether he'll be going on tour:

"I am, yeah, I'm rehearsing at the minute. I'm really excited for touring, actually."

Listen to ZAYN's full interview with Maxwell below!

Check out the video for ZAYN's latest song, "Let Me," below.

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