#MostRequestedLive Interview: Logic On His Music, Summer Tour & More

Logic sat down with Maxwell for an interview on #MostRequestedLive to talk about his latest collab "Everyday," with Marshmello, his fast rise to success and lots more. 

On advice he would give to an aspiring artist:

"You can't fit in and stand out at the same time, and I'd rather be loved for who I am than hated for who I'm not."

On his upcoming Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody summer tour:

"It's gonna be insane. I just can't believe where I am... I can't believe it, it's wild... I'm an MC - Master of Ceremony - someone who conducts the crowd, and I can't wait to do that this summer."

Check out Logic's full interview with Maxwell below!

Watch the video for Logic's collab with Marshmello, "Everyday," below.

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