#MostRequestedLive Interview: Bazzi Talks 'Mine" & More

Bazzi sat down with Carson for an interview on #MostRequestedLive to talk about his breakout hit "Mine" and lots more.

On whether the subject of 'Mine' knows the song is about them:

"Probably yes... It was really inspired by more of the music of it and the feeling of it. There's definitely a person, because I never write about things that aren't real... but 'Mine' actually started with that melody." 

On his journey to success with 'Mine':

"It's so crazy. I've always wanted to do music since 6 years old... it's something you always dream about... This is definitely a new experience... things have moved so quick in these last months. This is my first tour... It's almost made me fall in love with music differently."

Listen to Carson's full interview with Bazzi below.

Watch the video for Bazzi's smash "Mine" below.

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