#MostRequestedLive Interview: Foster The People's Mark Foster On New Music

Mark Foster of Foster The People called to talk to Carla Marie and Anthony for an interview on #MostRequestedLive!

On his musical influences:

"There's influences from the Beach Boys to Prince to Hip Hop... we have fun messing around with a lot of different aesthetics. It's always been all over the place and it always will be all over the place. I would say it's more about a feeling. The feeling when you listen to our music is a feeling that everything is gonna be okay."

On whether the band is competitive amongst themselves:

"Very. We're competitive in everything that we do From Mario Kart to ping pong... there's a game called warm pillow..."

Listen to Mark Foster's full interview with Carla Marie & Anthony below.

Listen to Foster The People's latest song "Sit Next To Me" below.

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