#MostRequestedLive Interview: Halsey Says She & G-Eazy Are 'Troublemakers'

Halsey called to talk to Carla Marie and Anthony for an interview on #MostRequestedLive!

On why she took up boxing on the road:

"It keeps me mentally focused, which is the hardest thing to maintain... you have to remember, my whole day revolves around something that happens on 9:30 PM."

On why her relationship with G-Eazy works:

"Me and G come from the same background. Both of us grew up with very little... artistic things were an absolute outlet for us... we were trouble makers, we were really smart and he and I both know that about each other. It's just rad to date somebody that you're a fan of.He's been a fan of mine since before we met, and I'v been listening to him since I was in high school."

On whether she and G-Eazy influence one another's music:

"For sure, also just different perspectives... He gives me a fresh perspective and I do the same for him."

On what bothers her about the spotlight:

"Everybody thinking they know exactly who you are, when they've only been exposed to little bits and pieces of information about you."

On how she kills time on the road:

"I read, I listen to music, I sleep, sleep sleep sleep... I'm the worst at answering text messages in the world, but I love FaceTime!"

Listen to Halsey's full interview with Carla Marie and Anthony below.

Check out Halsey's video for "Alone" featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don below!

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