#MostRequestedLive Ask Anything Chat: Tiësto Talks Jackie Chan

Tiësto sat down to answer your questions this weekend in the Ask Anything Chat on #MostRequestedLive. Tiësto talked about his collaboration with Dzeko featuring Preme and Post Malone, "Jackie Chan," and said he actually had the opportunity to play it for Jackie Chan himself, who liked it! Chan didn't want to be a part of the video, though, because, according to Tiësto, he's focused on more serious projects these days. When asked who he would add to Mt. Rushmore if he could, Tiësto chose Kanye West, because he'd probably like having his face on a mountain. Touché.

During the chat, he also revealed that while he knows it's kind of cliché, if he ever bought a yacht he'd probably name it "Living The Dream" because being able to buy a yacht is the epitome of just that. 

Watch his Ask Anything Chat below!

Check out the video for "Jackie Chan" below.

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