#MostRequestedLive Interview: Steve Aoki Calls BTS 'Really Cool Dudes'

Steve Aoki called in for an interview with Carla Marie and Anthony on #MostRequestedLive! He talked about the DJ that paved the way for EDM's explosion into the mainstream, what it was like the first time he met the guys from BTS and lots more!

On his reaction when he saw that "Waste It On Me" featuring BTS was #1 on iTunes:

I look at the list, and I'm like wow, that's a lot of DJs... Calvin and Snake and Kygo. It's amazing to see that our world has such influence... We're making a large footprint in radio.

On his first time meeting BTS:

"I didn't know what to expect. I knew who they were, but I didn't meet them yet. I went to their house, and they were so gracious and so hospitable... They were just like, open arms, the nicest guys, so friendly, so nice... They're just like, really, really cool dudes"

Listen to Steve Aoki's full interview with Carla Marie & Anthony below.

Check out the lyric video for Steve Aoki's collab with BTS "Waste It On Me" below.

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