#MostRequestedLive Ask Anything Chat: Shawn Mendes' Most-Used Emoji Is ❤️️

Shawn Mendes sat down to answer all of the important questions - such as whether he tilts his head to the right or the left when eating a taco (right!) - this weekend in the Ask Anything Chat on #MostRequestedLive. 

On when he realized that girls have posters of him in their bedrooms:

"I actually think I just realized that right now. I've never really thought about that. That's weird, but also great."

On which song he'd sample if he could pick any song in the world:

"If I could use a sample from any song I would probably use a sample from 'Thriller' or "Beat It' - but you can't just do that."

On his most-used emoji:

"The most recent emoji in my phone right now is the heart - just the regular red heart." ❤️️

Watch Shawn's Ask Anything Chat below!


Watch the dreamy video for "Lost In Japan" from Shawn & Zedd below.

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