#MostRequestedLive Ask Anything Chat: Rita Ora Loves To Play Chess

Rita Ora sat down to answer your questions this weekend in the Ask Anything Chat on #MostRequestedLive, where we found out she loves a good game of chess!

On her unique style:

"Some people think my fashion is crazy, but I don't care, because you have to dress up for you, you've got to make yourself happy and that's what's important... I just love people who take risks."

On an unexpected thing on her bucket list:

"I like weird things. I wanna get a nice chess set. My dad is a good player of chess and my grandparents used to play all the time. I want to get a nice chess set so I can play it with my friends, because you know, I'm so rock & roll."

On her favorite food:

"I basically like anything that's bad for you."

Watch Rita Ora's Ask Anything Chat below!


Watch the video for Rita Ora's new song "Let You Love Me" below.

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