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Most Requested Live with Romeo

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#MostRequestedLive Interview: MAX

This weekend on #MostRequestedLive, we got to talk to our good friend MAX about his new tour, looking back ar the success of "Lights Down Low" and lots more. Check out some of the highlights from our interview below.

On how he feels about taking a break from arenas to do THE INTIMATE AF TOUR:

"It's so special because I was out of the game for a second. I had this surgery on my voice; I couldn't speak for four months. I felt liek I wanted to sort of start over; I wanted to express this new life. There's nothing like being in an intimate space and being able to see pretty much every face and being able to really feel the energy of every person in that room. It really reinvigorates your love for what you're doing, and so that's why I wanted to start this whole new era with some intimate shows."

On his other project Party Pupils:

"It fulfills you in a different way. I think everybody should have two things to go back and forth between. Be focused, but also it's therapeutic to have something - a hobby, whatever it may be on the other side - that really takes you out of the pressure of the other world that you're in. Because with MAX, I love the pressure, but it is nice to have a very different style of music tat doesn't require the same pressures, that doesn't require the same needs to sound a certain way or videos to be. It's a different freedom that I really appreciate, and it's so fun to do it with Ryan because he's with me at every show anyway for MAX, so to have this other alter ego that we can just bring to a random nightclub and have a very different experience - I just dance around and do some breakdancing - it's fun.

On what it means to him to see the massive success of “Lights Down Low”:

"It's outside of myself. It's so special, it's what life is about, man. Connecting with people, hearing that maybe they're using it at their weddings, or it's a part of their lives. That's what you can only hope as an artist, that something you put out there transcends yourself and becomes everybody else's as well. I think maybe it's because I'm an only child, but I'm so obsessed with that human connectivity, of like, 'We're a part of something together,' that's so cool.

Check out the video for MAX's new song, "Love Me Less" featuring Quinn XCII below.