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#MostRequestedLive Interview: Ellie Goulding Is A 'Huge Fan' Of Cardi B

This weekend on #MostRequestedLive, we got to talk to Ellie Goulding about her new music and lots more. Check out some of the highlights from our interview below.

On the reaction to the sound of her new song "Hate Me" with Juice WRLD:

"Everything I do is deep-rooted in this instinct. Some of my fans are kind of annoyed, like, 'What the hell is 'Hate Me.? What is this?' And the other people were like, 'This is refreshing, this is what we wanna hear you do.' I don't always have to sing about heartbreak. In the UK, I'm kind of known as 'Heartbreak Queen' because I sing ballads a lot. I keep in with popular culture, and that's what I do as an artist, and I also get to use my voice in different ways. Singing is my favorite thing in the world, I love to sing, and I love to see what my voice can do, and that's why I'll be on a rap song, I'll also make a classical record."

On being the first female British artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits this century:

"It means more than anyone will ever know. I keep myself to myself quite a lot. I don't really cast myself as a celebrity, I just cast myself as somebody who makes music year after year. I keep releasing songs, they do really well, and that's kind of it. It's help me stay really grounded and it's helped me keep my head together."

On playing Rockin' Rio:

"It means a great deal. Cardi B, I believe she was headlining it - I'm a huge fan of Cardi B, have been since the very beginning, and when they said, 'Do you wanna play it?' I wasn't gonna say no. I haven't been to Rio in years, I have a lot of fans there - like, crazy, amazing fanbase there - so I was like, 'I'm not going to pass up this opportunity, because I've got this chance to play some of the new songs, some of the old songs, and put on this great show.'"

On what to expect from her new album:

"The new music that's gonna come on the next album is very different, so people need to enjoy this one! Things are gonna change quite dramatically soon. I have the music, it's here, and, there's gonna be one more song before it's back to old school Ellie."

Listen to Ellie Goulding's full #MostRequestedLive interview below.

Check out the video for Ellie Goulding's new song, "Hate Me," featuring Juice WRLD below.