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#MostRequestedLive Interview: Lewis Capaldi

This weekend on #MostRequestedLive, we got to talk to Lewis Capaldi about his breakout song, "Someone You Loved," and lots more. Check out some of the highlights from the interview below.

On finally blowing up after grinding for so long:

"I am doing the same thing I was doing when I was seventeen at my house with my guitar and playing a couple shows, it just so happens that now, there's a lot of people around me who are good at their jobs and know what they're doing, do you know what I mean? That's the only reason that things have changed. If it wasn't for my manager, and the record label, and everyone else, I would just be sitting at my... I've never been someone to be like, 'I'm going to conquer this, and I'm going to do this and that.' I just like playing songs, and that was it."

On artists that inspired him growing up:

"Bob Dylan was the first CD I bought, ever. It wasn't because I loved Bob Dylan, it was because I was being a pompous little ass. I was like, 'No one at school is gonna know who Bob Dylan is,' 'cause I'd heard it in passing. That was the only reason I bought it, what a loser. But I bought it an eventually, obviously, I did end up loving Bob Dylan because of it."

On the best thing about performing live:

"In real time, you're seeing how people react to songs. At festivals... a lot of people wouldn't know who I am, because they'd just be stumbling upon it for the first time. So it's kind of nice, as well, you can watch, and you go, 'That person's crying, that's amazing, that person's doing this, they're smiling, they're hugging each other, that person hasn't looked at me with anything but contempt... I like how you can see people tat say they hate you on stage - I think that's great."

Listen to Lewis Capaldi's full interview with Maxwell below.

Check out the video for Lewis Capaldi's song, "Someone You Loved" below.