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#MostRequestedLive Interview: Camila Cabello

The Romance era is here, Camilizers, and we couldn't be more stoked because Camila Cabello dropped not one, but two new songs to kick it off! Last week, Camila released "Shameless" and "Liar" -- two songs that are so, so different, but so, so good -- and we literally can't even.

This weekend on #MostRequestedLive, we got to talk to Camila Cabello about the new music, what else we can expect from Romance, and a whole lot more. Check out some of the highlights from our interview below!

On her decision to put both "Shameless" and "Liar" out at once:

"Both of them were written in the same day. We wrote, 'Liar,' and then in the last thirty minutes, I was like, I want to write another song... let's just do a chorus idea, and then that was 'Shameless.' I just wrote the chorus for 'Shameless' really fast, because I was just really in my emotions, so I wasn't really trying hard, and I think that's when the best stuff happens."

On why she decided to name her new album Romance:

"I feel like my album, I want it to feel visually, like a world. That's why it says the world of Romance everywhere."

On how she keeps her skin glowing:

"My skincare routine is pretty gnarly right now. I have this set of face creams from this place called Epione -- it's literally like twelve creams, it's so ridiculous. I feel so stupid even saying it, but, honestly it makes my skin so much better. I used to have really big pores and so many blackheads on my nose, to the point where I had to exfoliate everyday, and it was making it worse. I did this treatment on my skin, and then the treatment comes with a bunch of these creams, so I use these creams everyday."

On whether she'd ever put out her own skincare line:

"You know, I didn't think about it, but I think I would definitely. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup, but I do really care about my skin. I hate when I have tons of blackheads, it's the most annoying thing ever."

Listen to Camila Cabello's full interview with Zann below!

Watch the video for Camila Cabello's new song "Shameless" below!

Watch the video for Camila Cabello's new song "Liar" below!