#MostRequestedLive Interview: Doja Cat

She's got the biggest song in the world right now with "Say So," so we couldn't be more excited to have Doja Cat joining us from quarantine for #MostRequestedLive tonight!

Check out the highlights and then listen to the full interview below.

On her pop-up shops:

"My strong point is being creative, and having a visual vision, and I get to see that in my pop-up shops. All the walls re furry - like pink fur - there's computers with my video for "Cybersex" playing... it's a whole experience."

On her musical family and whether she felt pressure to become a musician:

"I've never really been told that I 'should' or 'have to' do something. It's more like, I've been in dance - I took dance for so long - I was more a dancer than I was ever a musician. My mom sung a little bit sometimes, my Dad dances - he's incredible - and my brother produces... I wasn't ever pressured, I just really really took a lot of interest."

On whether she's planning a tour when it becomes safe:

"Yeah we're trying to look into doing a tour right now, yeah, absolutely. I think it's mandatory, everyone's definitely trying to set that up. It's not confirmed where I'm going, but it's a thought. Also, just more visuals, more fun stuff, a lot more features. I'm might be featuring a lot more of other people's stuff."

On other artists clamoring to collaborate with her now:

"It's not so much them wanting to do it... maybe it is, it is partially that, but it's like, I don't collaborate with a lot of people, so it's nice to see that happen. For me it's cool, too, not just for my fans or whatever. It's nice to collaborate with people. I have Konshens on my last album, he did a feature on "Wine Pon You," and it was amazing. I've never had a bad feature. "

Listen to Doja Cat's full conversation with Maxwell below.

Watch the video for Doja Cat's smash hit, "Say So" below.

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