#MostRequestedLive Interview: Jonas Brothers

We got to hang with Kevin, Joe and Nick (via Zoom of course) for this week's edition of #MostRequestedLive.

On how Joe and Sophie have been spending their tie in quarantine:

"I guess we got kinda lucky because we moved into a new house right before the quarantine. So, naturally we were trying to figure out how to keep ourselves occupied, and that kind of did it for us. Whether if it was just odds and ends around the house, DJing, baking, legos, you name it. Also, I think, trying to find fun things for me and my wife to do together while we're in lockdown, so it's not just the same, groundhog day everyday, we try to have fun with date nights and getting creative, a lot of zoom. I've been hosting game nights, I've been hosting a meditation with a bunch of people as well once a week. Just trying to take care of our mental health and also keep ourselves having a good time."

On working with Karol G and recording while social distancing:

"We had a taste of doing a bilingual song recently last year, and we had a blast, and the fans loved it. We wanted to find somebody else that we could do a song with, and Karol G, she's not only a fantastic artist, but she's a labelmate, and it just felt like a good fit for us to work together. She sent us her two verses, and we were just like, 'Wow!' I think it's also important when you're trying to find artists that you want to collaborate with that they're willing to be a part of whatever they can, even from their homes in the situations that we're all in. She's been really great about shooting videos and content and helping us get this song out there for everybody."

On how Nick has handled his coaching duties on "The Voice" from home:

"It's definitely been different, and I feel for the artists who obviously have had to do this all from home just like us coaches have, and Carson. For them, it's been especially challenging just finding ways to connect with the audience at home without all the elements: the lights, the studio audience, all these aspects. It just means that they've had to take it upon themselves to really make their performances from home special. They've all done an incredible job, and I'm really proud of my team."

On how Kevin and Danielle have been during the pandemic with two young kids:

"It's definitely been great to spend so much time with them. If you're looking at the bright side, you know there are so many people that are out there right now working every single day on the front line of this, and we just have to send out love and appreciation to them. The fact that we are lucky enough to be home, and we can spend time with them. I was gone for so much of last year, so being able to do that is really great. They are incredible, and I'm teaching Alina how to skateboard, so that's really fun, and she's really good at it, it's amazing. I love it, it's really awesome. By the end of this, my hope is that me and her can just rip around the neighborhood."

Listen to the full #MostRequestedLive interview with the Jonas Brothers below.

Check out the Jonas Brothers' new video for their collaboration with Karol G, "X," below.