#MostRequestedLive Interview: Jackson Wang

We could not be more excited to have Jackson Wang back on #MostRequestedLive with Romeo this weekend!

Check out the highlights and then listen to the full interview below.

On the success of his new song, "100 Ways":

"I'm very blessed. It's an honor, and I'm very happy and very grateful that it made its way up to the chart. I want to thank my fans, everyone that's supporting, listening to '100 Ways," amazing production, thank you director, and The Kinjaz, I'm very blessed to work with them, my brothers, my family. While we were working, and during production, we were running low in time, but we managed to execute everything and we're very satisfied. I'm just very blessed."

On how it feels to have his dreams come true:

"Honestly, me doing music, it means everything to me. The fact that a lot of people are paying attention to my music, my work out here, music video, and the message that I have with Team Wang, that people are starting to slowly and slowly paying attention to it and showing support and love to it, it just means everything to me."

On advice he'd give to aspiring artists:

"Based on my experience -- not that I'm teaching everybody -- but based on my personal experience and my point of view, you really have to believe in yourself at the end of the day. Opinions are opinions. You've got to make the decision yourself, you have to be very clear to yourself. Let nobody tell you that you can't."

On artists he'd like to collaborate with in the future:

"Any collaboration would be dope, honestly, and I will be more than happy and honored to do it with any artist."

Watch Jackson Wang's full Zoom conversation with Maxwell below!

Listen to Jackson Wang's full interview below.

Watch the video for Jackson Wang's hot new song, "100 Ways."