#MostRequestedLive Interview: Powfu

Powfu is back for an interview on #MostRequestedLive this weekend! Check out the highlights and listen to the full interview below.

On how he's been spending his time in quarantine:

"I've been working on music quite a bit. I've been making a lot of smoothies, that's kind of something new, they're like super easy to just throw whatever you want in a blender and stir it up."

On how he got so into music that he decided to make it his career:

"Growing up, my Dad was in a punk rock band, so he was a big inspiration for me -- kind of got me into music at the start. I'd say when I was around 12, I started writing my own songs. They're all stupid and funny and bad. I just kinda stayed with it, even just writing stories was fun for me, telling stuff. I kinda just started picking up from there, and I slowly got better and better."

On how he felt having his song blow up on TikTok and then worldwide:

"I'm just amazed. I felt inspired. It's just really cool seeing Lo-Fi get bigger and bigger. That's my favorite genre of music, and I have a lot of friends in that genre as well, so it's just cool having us all blow up together."

On the release of his upcoming EP:

"I'm hyped up. I really want to get it out as soon as I can. Every time I release an EP, I'm really excited for it, because I feel like there's always a song on there that people wouldn't expect me to write or sing. I feel like there's always different styles, so I'm excited for it."

On what he's looking forward to once the pandemic is behind us:

"Touring is definitely probably the biggest thing, just traveling around the world and meeting fans and playing shows and stuff. Also just being able to meet up with other artists that are interested to work with me, and producers and stuff, that will be fun. I haven't really been able to do that yet, so, I'm looking forward to that."

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