#MostRequestedLive Ask Anything Chat: Daya

Daya is back with a brand new song, and we're stoked to have her join us this weekend on #MostRequestedLive! Daya sat down to answer questions about what she's been up to, her new song, "Bad Girl," and lots more. Daya revealed what advice she'd give to her younger self (don't take yourself so seriously!), talked about her experience singing the National Anthem and why it didn't go so well, and she even dished on her love for K-Pop!

"I have listened to BTS," Daya says. "I love their music, I love their performances, their dance moves, everything is so incredibly in sync and creative and cool. I also love Loona so much. I think their music is so catchy; it is the epitome of good modern pop music. Yes, big K-Pop fan."

Watch Daya's full Ask Anything Chat below.

Watch the video for Daya's hot new song, "Bad Girl," below.

Watch the video for Daya's new song "Bad Girl" below.