#MostRequestedLive Interview: blackbear

We're stoked to welcome blackbear back to #MostRequestedLive for an interview to talk about his latest EP misery lake, which includes the new single "@ my worst."

blackbear took time from his busy touring schedule with Maroon 5 to chat with Bennett via Zoom about finally scoring a VMA, what it's been like being back out on the road post quarantine, getting tattoos with Adam Levine and manifesting a collaboration with BTS. When talking about having a hard time letting go of songs he's written, he said, "It's hard. There's a few right now that, the only people I would give them to is like BTS, and that's about it... I've been putting it out into the universe, manifesting that for a while. The Army knows that they're about to party with the cubs."

Watch Bennett's full interview with blackbear below.

Check out the video for blackbear's latest single, "@ my worst," below.