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Most Requested Live with Romeo

Most Requested Live with Romeo

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#MostRequestedLive Interview: Anitta

We could not be more excited to welcome the one and only Anitta back to #MostRequestedLive tonight for an interview with Bennett! Anitta talked to Bennett via Zoom about her love for Panic! At The Disco, pop-rock music, and calls her latest single "Boys Don't Cry," a "happy, independent, strong," song.

She talked about what her devoted fanbase, the Anitters, mean to her, and how she feels when she sees them rallying around her on social media. "So, so great," she says. "I feel so happy every time I see it! My fans are a whole army. They are intense, they are organized and strong and passionate. I really feel the commitment coming from's like a family!"

Watch Anitta's full interview with Bennett below!

Watch the video for Anitta's latest single, "Boys Don't Cry," below.