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Most Requested Live with Romeo

Most Requested Live with Romeo

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#MostRequestedLive Interview: DNCE

DNCE is back! Joe, Jack and JinJoo have been making new music as a threesome, so we had to get them back on #MostRequestedLive to talk about it, of course. DNCE sat down for a chat with Bennett via Zoom to discuss working with Kygo on their collab "Dancing Feet, " share why they wish they wrote *this* Ed Sheeran song and reveal what really happens at the Met Gala! The band also opened up on the meaning behind their new song, "Move," which Joe Jonas says is about not caring, getting sweaty, and enjoying life with each other! Plus, get details on who's doin' the smacking and hear more about how BTS have inspired DNCE's music.

Watch Bennett's full interview with DNCE below.

Watch the video for DNCE's collab with Kygo, "Dancing Feet," below.

Watch the lyric video for DNCE's song "Move" below.