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#MostRequestedLive Interview: Tiësto

Tiësto joins Bennett on Most Requested Live and chats writing recent banger "10:35" with Tate McRae for a club in Dubai, "Atlantis Hotel" which was also co-written by Ryan Tedder - who Tiësto says is "no stranger to writing hit songs." He goes on to say that Tedder is "a genius and so passionate." Speaking of Tate, Tiësto has "always been a fan of Tate - great personality, high energy, beautiful voice."

The EDM Goat Tiësto also opens up on exactly how he writes hit songs: he says has to finish a song in a day (i.e. 24 hours) or else he throws it away. This includes his White Lotus Theme Song remix - a club shaking take on Cristobal Tapia de Veer's 2022 "Renaissance".

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Also a new dad, Tiësto talks about managing touring while being a dad, to which he says "I really pace myself" and "I really try to be there for the kids." He's very excited to be able to bringing his kids on tour in a few years and shares what's on the future rider!

As it turns out, his smash "The Business" is apparently 2 million streams away from 1 billion. As for what's coming in 2023 - on April 21st we'll be getting a brand new album! He hopes it keeps going because this EDM hitmaker "loves this stuff."

Check out Tiësto and Tate McRae's new music video for "10:35" below!